Copy - Netted
Article • February 28, 2013


Copy Sends Big Files Fast With None Of The Fuss

Files used to live on computers. Now any byte worth its salt resides in the cloud, primed for sharing, syncing, storing, and streaming.

Copy is the newest way to manage your cloud, and we’ll be frank: We’re impressed.

The service – with apps for iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows – installs a folder on your computer where you can drop files that are automatically synced across your devices. Well-tread territory, for sure, but it’s the paths less traveled that interest us most.

For starters, there’s no registration required for one-off file shares. Simply drag and drop a file on the homepage and it’ll spit out a unique sharing link. Incredibly handy. (If you join, the first 5GB of storage are on the house.)

Copy even has a few tricks to differentiate itself from the pack. When sharing from your computer, a simple right-click opens a message box (a nice one-up on Dropbox, which forces sharing through its website). And the mobile app gives the option of streaming audio and video files or downloading them to the device for offline use.

For a newcomer, Copy sure acts like a well-seasoned vet.