Automatically Split a Bill and Calculate the Tip - Netted
Article • March 1, 2013

Automatically Split a Bill and Calculate the Tip

With Billr, you’ll never sweat figuring out the check again

You order a drink, the lovebirds split an appetizer, everyone else has an entrée except Mary the vegetarian who settles for a side salad. Tax is 8.25% and you want to tip 20%.

No, this isn’t a nightmare about 7th grade math; it’s simply a job for Billr, a new iPhone app that transforms splitting the bill from a piece of mathematical humble pie to an in-and-out deal.

Just plug in the information on the bill – what was ordered, who ate what, the tax and tip percentages – and Billr shows you what everyone owes in one well-designed interface.

The app supports all currencies and there’s even the option to email or text the breakdown to each diner.

At $0.99, we think Billr is a wise investment – especially if you’re usually the one left on the hook for the guy who “thinks $15 should cover it.”