Nooly - Netted
Article • March 7, 2013


Get Up-To-The-Minute Weather With Nooly

A great mind once said, “You can plan a pretty picnic but you can’t predict the weather,” and maybe he was right (he usually is).

Or maybe he just didn’t have Nooly, a new weather app that knows the current and upcoming conditions on a truly micro level: your exact location, down to the minute.

Nooly uses a forecasting model that combines current conditions with common trends to predict the future in 5-minute increments. (If you think the weather can’t change much in 5 minutes, you’ve clearly never been to southern Florida.)

Map are broken down to roughly one square kilometer zones, meaning you could theoretically use the app to see whether or not you have time to walk the dog before it starts raining.

We say theoretically because Nooly is still in beta, meaning you may experience a kink or two. The plus side? It’s currently free – which likely won’t be the case a few months from now.

Two can play at this future prediction game.