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Article • March 8, 2013

Reach Your Zen at Any Time

Calm brings clarity and peace of mind

It’s Friday. The culmination of five long days of hustling at work, or studying at school, or making sure your kids don’t fall down any stairs.

Your relaxing weekend starts in 10 scant hours – or right now with, a no-frills meditation tool that will bring you from “ugh” to “om” in no time. blends video of cricket-filled open fields, rainstorms, and placid beaches with accompanying ambient noise. Pick the soothing scene that fits your fancy (who doesn’t love a babbling brook?) then kick back with a 2-, 10-, or 20-minute session of meditative instructions spoken by a woman who should be teaching yoga if she isn’t already.

Our only question: What kind of Web mogul uses such a valuable URL simply to help people chill out?

We’ll have to reflect on that one.