Umano - Netted
Article • March 11, 2013


Umano's Professional Voice Actors Read The News

Back in the good old days, folks used to sit down with the newspaper and read it cover to cover.

But in the good old days, folks didn’t have an entire season of Game of Thrones to catch up on. Nor did they have Umano, an outside-the-box app for iPhone and Android that employs professional voice actors to read you the news.

Productive? Yes. Enjoyable? Actually, very. The audio quality is high (no robotic voices here) and the app’s interface is simple. It automatically marks what you’ve listened to, provides the original text so you can read along, and has a very handy 15-second auto-rewind button.

But our favorite part – besides the part where you make a playlist of articles and download them for offline listening later – is that you don’t need to create an account to start using Umano.

Making it that much easier for you to get the news and get on with your life.