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Article • March 12, 2013

Carry a Scanner in Your Pocket

Genius Scan scans documents from your phone

Recently we’ve had scanners on the brain. Just last week we covered the Doxie One, a stapler-sized tool that scans to the cloud. Today, we’ve got an even more-portable solution: an app called Genius Scan.

Genius Scan might just fix your converting woes. The app uses your phone camera to scan documents – all you have to do is snap a pic and tell Genius Scan what you want scanned. It does the rest.

Plus, it comes equipped with an arsenal of enhancement tools: It crops; it organizes and searches; it’s got a litany of sharing options like Wi-Fi sharing, email, and cloud storage – the list goes on.

It’s available for free in Apple’s app store and for $1.09 in Android’s Play Store. If you use Droid and don’t feel like shelling out the buck-oh-nine, we recommend checking out yet another scanning option (are we overdoing this scanner thing?), CamScanner, which is free.