Ness - Netted
Article • March 14, 2013


Ness Knows What Restaurants You'll Like -- Really

You’re in the mood for Japanese food. After viewing 472 Yelp reviews ranging from “BEST SUSHI EVER!” to “The fish was literally raw!”, you’ve concluded that you need recommendations from somebody a bit more like you.

Enter Ness, a new restaurant recommendation site that uses your own personal tastes to determine what restaurants you’ll like.

Like Netflix with movies and Pandora with music, to start using Ness just sign up and start eating. Rate the meals as you go and before long Ness will learn what you like. Then the custom-tailored recommendations (laid out in a beautiful interface) start rolling in.

The site (and iPhone app) also gives you a sneak peak at restaurant menus and Instagram photos, plus you can make reservations right from Ness via OpenTable.

And the folks who give sushi the fish eye aren’t invited.