Flikdate - Netted
Article • March 15, 2013


Flikdate Brings Video Chat to Speed Dating

Obviously, Netted readers are funny, smart, wildly attractive people who have no trouble getting a date.

But, you know, maybe you have a friend who’s in the market, and for them we would recommend Flikdate, a video speed dating app (you read that correctly) now available for Android and iPhone.

Where the normal dating process fails – an hour and a half of dinner after five minutes of realizing you don’t like the person – Flikdate excels. You video chat with other singles for 90 seconds each; if you like them, give them a thumbs up and get their contact info, and if you’re not into them flick the down-vote button and move on to the next option.

To keep the lineup free of weirdos or fake accounts, Flikdate verifies all users with Facebook before registering – and you can flag anyone who acts inappropriately.

The best part? You can do the whole thing in your PJs. And by “you” we mean your friend. Obviously.