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Article • March 18, 2013

Document All of Your Important Events

Relive creates real-time photo-sharing albums

The double-edged sword of taking a good party picture: On the one hand, you have a nice picture. On the other, now it’s your responsibility to send everyone a copy.

Now you can shirk that responsibility with Relive. The app for iPhone, Android, and Windows phone automatically shares photos with a select group of people the instant they’re taken.

Create an album with a specified timed period – a party, a wedding, a work event (What? We have really fun work events.) – then invite others by email or text.

Photos taken by group members with the app during that time are then instantly viewable by everyone both in the app and online and can be downloaded for posterity.

There’s no photo storage limit, and Relive will never delete a single snapshot. More socially inclined shooters can share entire albums on Facebook (once they are edited, of course) and even invite everyone within close physical proximity to contribute to an album.

Double-edged? More like cutting edge.