Clucks - Netted
Article • March 22, 2013


Guess What Your Opponent Is Clueing With Clucks

Okay – what’s a six letter word for the sounds a common feathery barnyard animal makes?

If you answered “Clucks,” you’re not only right on the money, but you also just played your first round of AOL’s new iPhone game of the same name.

Clucks is a little bit like Taboo, but with a very 2013 twist: users post videos of themselves describing their secret words, and their opponent has to make a guess with a timer clucking – oops, we meant clicking – in the corner of the screen.

You can challenge your friends through Facebook or Apple’s Game Center, or pick a random opponent to parlay with. And with prompts like “Jay Leno” and “toilet,” the videos can get pretty goofy.

But first: What’s a five letter word that would describe a frog’s feet?