Get on the (Daily) Move - Netted
Article • March 26, 2013

Get on the (Daily) Move

Moves silently tracks how much you, well, move

You might think you didn’t exercise today. You might think that you only had time for errands and a visit to some friends and not the gym. You might think you’re living a hopelessly sedentary life.

But Moves says you might be wrong.

Moves is a pedometer app for iPhone and Android that will expose how active you really are. Just drop it in your pocket and it records all your activity for the day, including how far you walked, ran, or cycled, and where.

And while other pedometer apps exist, none tell your daily story quite the way Moves does. It creates a timeline of everything you do – biked 20 minutes to work, went on a 15-minute walk at lunch, spent 45 minutes shopping in the evening – so you have a clear idea of you managed to walk four miles without thinking.

You might’ve thought you had enough apps, but Moves thinks you might be wrong about that too.