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Article • March 27, 2013

Find and Sell the Most Unique Items

Wanelo lets you save and buy the items you love from around the Internet

Disclaimer: Fellas, today’s site might be more appealing to the ladies. So unless you’re shopping for the GF or in the market for a new chiffon top, we’d like to direct you to an extra-manly Extra Netted section at the bottom of today’s issue.

Pinterest is great for the stuff you can’t buy – just take everything you want and drop them in one place. But when you actually have money to burn? Not so easy.

Not unless you use Wanelo, a new website full of women’s clothing and accessories that makes it just as easy to pin as to buy.

Like Pinterest and Svpply before it, Wanelo (which is short for “Want, Need, Love”) lets you post stuff you want to buy once you’re not so broke, as well as follow your tasteful Facebook friends and the top users on the site.

Unlike those services, however, every item on Wanelo has a direct purchase link – one click sends you right to the checkout page of the website the item is from.

We love it; your wallet might not.