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Article • March 28, 2013

Sign Online Documents with a Fast and Secure eSignature

HelloSign seamlessly signs and sends digital documents

You know the joke about someone being so dumb that they use Wite Out on their computer screen? Kind of funny. Also, kind of exactly how we feel when we’re emailed documents we need to sign.

That is, until we started using HelloSign, a laughably easy electronic signing tool that can be used online, in an iPhone or Android mobile app, or – and this is our favorite part – right within Gmail.

The online tool allows you to import documents and affix a saved signature image (or simply type it in, which is perfectly legal). The mobile apps go one step further, turning your smartphone screen into a digital signature pad.

But it’s Gmail integration where HelloSign really shines. The Chrome plugin adds a “sign” button next to the “view” and “download” buttons accompanying image attachments. Simply click it, scribble in your John Hancock with your mouse, and return to sender without ever leaving your inbox.

The new butt of the joke? Our suddenly unnecessary printer.