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Article • March 29, 2013

Monitor Multiple Live Feeds Remotely

Use your devices to surveil your home with iCam

Ever wondered what’s going on at your house while you’re away? Is the dog sleeping in your bed? Was it the postman or your brat neighbor who trampled the begonias?

With iCam you can rig up a spying apparatus that’ll put The Wire to shame. The app turns any webcam into a makeshift surveillance camera, which you can remotely watch from any iPhone, iPad, or Android.

Up to 12 streams can be monitored at once (16 if you’re viewing them on an iPad). And if the prospect of sitting around watching a stream of your bedroom all day doesn’t sound particularly fun, you can enable the built-in motion sensors which will notify you when activity is happening on your feed.

The app captures both audio and video and can even snap photos of motion events – so you’ll have a permanent record of exactly how the dog framed the postman for the trampled begonias.