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Article • April 1, 2013

Effortlessly Keep in Touch with Friends

Put your friendships on autopilot with AutoFriend.ly

Our world is more connected than ever – and that’s just the problem the folks at AutoFriend.ly solved.

The new app for iPhone and Android takes the hassle out of keeping up with friends and family. Simply install AutoFriend.ly and it will use its artificial intelligence database of over a 500,000 common phrases to automatically answer text messages, send congratulatory emails, reply to tweets, and more.

Your friend posted a cat video on Facebook? AutoFriend.ly knows whether you’re a fan of felines and will post an appropriately adoring/eye-rolling comment. Forgot Grandpa’s birthday? AutoFriend.ly already wished him one and accurately called him “Grampy-poo.” It will even like your friend’s Instagram photos without you even having to view them.

When AutoFriend.ly gets flummoxed you’ll receive an M.I.A. or “manual interaction alert.” It also generates monthly reports of interactions so you can study up for your next unavoidable face-to-face meeting.

Hopefully AutoFriend.ly will tackle those in version 2.0.