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Article • April 3, 2013

The Webby Awards Gallery + Archive

Every Webby Winner Since 1997 in One Stunning Archive

The Internet is now approximately one yotabyte, or one quadrillion gigabytes. It would take 11 trillion years to download and surf the entire thing.

Or you could spend 15 minutes browsing just the highlights in our brand new Webby Winners Gallery + Archive.

Inside you’ll find every Webby Nominee and Winner since the award’s inception in 1997 – 16 years worth of the Web’s best content, all sortable and searchable by year and category. Each entry includes nostalgic screen grabs of the websites as they looked in the year they were honored as well as supporting material such as text or video of the winners Webby five-word speech.

There’s also a statistical snapshot of the Internet for each year, starting with 1997 (1.6 million total web pages) and running through today (a whopping 633 million total web pages). Pretty eye-opening stuff.

Almost as impressive as the work itself.