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Article • April 5, 2013

Become a One-of-a-Kind T-Shirt Designer

Get your t-shirt designs funded and made at TeePublic

We don’t want to jinx anything, but it seems like spring is finally here. That means blooming flowers, chirping birds, and most importantly a new warm-weather wardrobe.

Enter TeePublic, a new indie t-shirt repository from the folks behind BustedTees.

At this point you may be thinking: “Is Netted really covering a t-shirt site?” If so, hold those horses. This is much cooler.

TeePublic is like Kickstarter for clothing. A designer submits a print, and if it reaches 30 orders, it ships and endures on the site as a purchasable, cottony triumph. Designers get a healthy $5 cut of each shirt’s $20 total cost.

And at TeePublic, democracy abounds. Anyone can submit; as long as your design is good (say, R2-D2 falling in love with a trash can), you have a chance of being in the t-shirt business.

Go ahead and browse the shirts. We think you’ll warm up to them pretty quickly.