Tempo - Netted
Article • April 8, 2013


Tempo Makes Organizing Your Life a Lot Easier

Tear up your calendar. Tear up your to-do lists. If you’re super ripped, tear up your phonebook.

You won’t need that stuff anymore, because you’ll have Tempo, a shiny-new iPhone app that organizes your life using the same artificial intelligence technology as Siri.

True, Tempo is a calendar. It centralizes your scheduled events. But while other calendars stop here, Tempo is just getting started.

The app sifts through your email to extract events along with accompanying locations and contact info; it creates event pages from which you can call or text attendees and map directions; it even links all relevant email attachments and documents to event pages.

Traveling? Tempo tracks your flight status. Running late? Tempo can send a quick “I’m going to be late” message with the press of a button. And though the app launched with a wait list in place (a la Mailbox), the company has told us that as of yesterday all new users will have instant access to the app.

So get ready to go on a tear.