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Article • April 10, 2013

Peoples Voice

It’s Time to Vote for the 2013 Webby Awards

For those of you who’ve done this before, here’s the link. Get voting.

Newbies, a word.

Once a year, we ask you – the enlightened, opinionated Internet users of the world – to take off your surfer cap and slip on your judges robe. Voting for the 17th annual Webby People’s Voice Awards is officially open, and it’s your time to shine.

Who will get the last laugh in humor? Where do the best wordsmiths work? If you had to stream from just one place, which would it be? The Internet is huge. Winning a Webby is huge. The power of bestowing a Webby on someone? That’s, well, whatever is bigger than huge.

Polls are open now through April 25. Winners are announced April 30. Bragging rights extend indefinitely.

So vote with your head. Vote with your heart. But most of all, vote with your mouse. It works best that way.