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Article • April 11, 2013

Create a Home for All of Your Photos

MyShoebox securely backs up all your photos to one place

Another place to store your photos? Cue the eye roll.

But what if we said this one was free. And unlimited. And did cool tricks.

If those sorts of things appeal to you, then say hello to MyShoebox. The new service offers free, unlimited photo backup that’s also wonderfully automatic.

Install MyShoebox on all your devices – there are apps for Mac, Windows, Android, and iPhone – and it automatically saves copies of your photos to one central location. Import a picture to your computer or snap one with your phone: Either way, it gets copied to MyShoebox.

And what happens next is even neater. The app uses information embedded in photos to categorize them in creative ways. For example, it can bunch together every photo you’ve taken in the summer. Or on Sunday afternoons. On in a specific city.

The service’s free plan stores photos at a reduced resolution of 1024 pixels (which is still pretty impressive). You can upgrade to original resolution for $5 a month.

Cue the celebratory high five.