Cinemagram - Netted
Article • April 15, 2013


Create GIF-Like Mini-Movies on Cinemagram

Who would’ve thought that in 2013, with cellular eyewear and revolutions ignited by phones, the hottest thing in media would be the silent moving picture?

But GIFs are as popular as ever, and cinemagraphs – aka “GIFs on steroids” – are having a moment themselves thanks to Cinemagram.

The app, previously available on iPhone and just released on Android, creates short, looping videos (a la Vine) with options to add filters, play clips in reverse, and increase or decrease the speed.

What sets cinemagraphs apart from GIFs is that you can make any frame a still photo and animate only a portion of the shot. The results can be cutetrippy, and beautiful.

And it’s social, too. The app is similar to Instagram in more than just name – each user has a feed and can follow friends and like their creations.

All in all, Cinemagram is pretty cool – maybe even worth a round of applause.