Rando - Netted
Article • April 19, 2013


Send And Receive Photos From Absolute Strangers With Rando

Whether you’re trapped on a desert island or reuniting the Police, you hope someone gets your message in a bottle, but never know who will.

Same goes for Rando, a new, anonymous photo-sharing app for iPhone and Android.

“Anonymous photo sharing?” you ask. Good question. Like tossing a bottle into the sea, you take a photo and Rando sends it to a complete stranger. In return, you receive a photo from a totally different complete stranger. No names, emails, or identifying information is shared (though the app is monitored for inappropriate content).

“Why?” you ask. Another good question. Think of it as a quirky art project. You’re not here to follow people or make new cyber friends; there’s no comment or post to Facebook button. What you’re getting is a small glimpse into a stranger’s life, which makes Rando uniquely thrilling.

One could even say every little thing it does is magic.