Never Give a Creep Your Real Phone Number Again - Netted
Article • April 23, 2013

Never Give a Creep Your Real Phone Number Again

Burner creates disposable phone numbers

Time was, the only people who used burner phones were the likes of Avon Barksdale, Marlo Stanfield, and the rest of The Wire crew.

But now, thanks to the new app Burner, everyone can have one. And they’re more handy than you think.

Let’s say you want to sell stuff. Not that stuff. Let’s say you’re selling a bike. And you want people to call or text you to inquire about the bike, but you don’t to put your phone number in a classified ad.

Burner will create a disposable phone number that pushes calls to your real phone number. When you’re done with it, shut the number down and it’s like it never existed. (Also good for: questionable first dates, throwing an event, casual espionage.)

The app comes with one free burner good toward 5 voice minutes or 15 texts in one day.

After that, you’ll need to re-up.