Sold - Netted
Article • April 24, 2013


Sold Appraises, Boxes, and Ships Your Salable Valuables

Mom, sweetheart that she is, got you an iPod touch for your birthday. Except you already have one. What you don’t have is the heart to tell her.

Next stop: Sold, a new iPhone app that sells your goods for you.

Simply snap photos of what you want to hock and submit them to Sold with a short description. Sold responds with a fast and fair appraisal; if you agree with it, hit the accept button and go about your life.

In a few days, you’ll receive a message from the app that they’ve sold your item. You’ll also receive a pre-paid, pre-labeled, pre-insured box filled with bubble wrap to package your item.

Schedule a pick-up (through the app) then collect your funds (through the app). Easiest cash you’ve ever made.

Just don’t forget to thank Mom.