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Article • April 26, 2013

Plan the Best Naps You'll Ever Take

Get the most rest when pounding the pillow with

We all wish for a little more shut-eye, but the truth is sleeping longer isn’t always better.

Let us explain using, a barebones website that calculates the optimal time for you to go to bed or wake up depending on your current sleep schedule.

But first, a quick science lesson. Sleep is broken up into 90-minute cycles, and it is much easier to wake up at the end of a cycle than in the middle of one. Hence, shortening your beauty sleep to accommodate this cycle actually leaves you feeling more rested.

That’s where comes in. Tell it when you need to wake up, and it tells you when to fall asleep, counting backward in 90-minute increments. Skeptical? We were too. But in our tests it worked. can also work in reverse, helping you set your alarm if you are going to bed right now.

In which case, you should probably get off the computer.