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Article • April 29, 2013


DotDotDot Pulls Everything You Love to Read to One Place

You’ve got Goodreads and Readmill for eBooks, Pocket and Instapaper for long-form articles, and Flipboard for news.

And pretty soon all those apps will feel like clutter on your bookshelf thanks to Dotdotdot, a brand-new site that brings together all your texts in one place.

The browser plug-in lets you save articles from across the web; you can hook up Google Reader to pump in your news feeds and drag-and-drop to add e-books. Congratulations, you now have your own personal library.

Dotdotdot will reformat the content and load it into the tool’s beautiful page-flipping format. You can highlight and make notes (which are all wonderfully searchable), send lovely postcards of your favorite lines to friends, and follow people to see what they’re currently reading.

The site (with apps for iPhone and iPad) is in its early stages and lacks some bells and whistles, but let’s just say we’re pretty darn excited its future.

Feel free to read into that.