WahWah - Netted
Article • May 8, 2013


WahWah Soundtracks Your Activities With Free Streaming Music on Your iPhone

You’ve meticulously constructed a workout mix that peaks at just the right time, has a nice comedown, and even features a Daft Punk cameo.

And you’re already sick of it.

But before you go back to iTunes square one, consider WahWah. It’s a music-streaming iPhone app that will load you up with playlists for the gym and beyond.

For fans of Pandora, WahWah will feel comfortingly familiar. You create stations based on artists and the app fine tunes the broadcast based on your feedback.

But after that, WahWah is in its own class. Users can discover other stations by activity – like running, cooking, or relaxing – or even by proximity. Another cool wrinkle: Every radio is synchronized, so you can invite friends to listen to exactly what you’re currently listening to.

Oh, and WahWah boasts a library of 15 million songs – 15 times the size on Pandora’s.

You won’t get sick of that anytime soon.