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Article • May 9, 2013

Become the Next DIY Superstar

Make awesome stuff from scratch on Instructables

Ah, MacGyver. The guy could diffuse missiles with paperclips, build bad guy traps with water jugs, and fashion slingshots from bed frames. How the heck did he learn all that stuff?

Maybe he knew about Instructables, a slick tutorial site that can not only get you out of a jam, it can help you make jam, too.

Users make step-by-step tutorials for homemade stuff like finger puppets and octo-phonic synthesizers complete with photo guidance. Upload your own, or search and browse the site’s extensive archive.

Plus, Instructables holds contests to find the best, say, Italian chef or green tech designer, so you not only get the best recipes, you also see who the best contributors are.

Beyond the site, there are apps for Android and iPhone that allow you to follow tutorials just like scrolling through your Instagram feed.

We’re not saying it’ll make you MacGyver, but it might explain where he got that grappling hook idea from.