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Article • May 10, 2013

Discover a World of "App" Possibility

This Is Not An App is that and so much more

When is an app not an app?

When it’s This Is Not an App, of course. Author Keri Smith has adapted her 2009 book This Is Not a Book (contradictory, we know – but you’ll soon see why) into an app for iPhone and Android that boasts some serious think-outside-the-box fun.

Like This Is Not a Book, This Is Not an App asks you to vandalize, write secrets, perform dares, and even participate in an ethnographic study. And just like the book, this app is chock full of tributes to artists like John Cage and its namesake Marcel Duchamp.

But the best part about This Is Not an App is how much it takes advantage of being an app (even though it isn’t . . . but it is). Hidden tricks and cool features are liberally scattered throughout the 50 imagination-stretching activities.

But that’s the whole idea of the app – when you use your imagination, it becomes so much more.