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Article • May 13, 2013

Keep Your Private Journal Truly Private

Your secrets are safe with diary app Flava

Dear Diary,

Between Facebook, Twitter, and email, sometimes we feel all shared out. Where’s our “me” time? Sigh. If only we knew of a richly featured personal journaling app.

Just kidding. Of course we know of one. It’s called Flava and lately, we’re digging it.

First things first: By “journaling” we don’t simply mean day-end ruminations on your hopes, dreams, and crushes (though no judgments here if that’s your bag). What we’re talking about it a bit more . . . robust.

Flava entries go beyond simple text to include photos, weather, location, songs, and more. The Path-like mobile apps instantaneously capture ideas and moments throughout the day, while the recently launched web tool is perfect for creating after-the-fact recaps.

But where a real diary could get dropped in a fountain or left at a friend’s house, Flava automatically backs up everything to the cloud, where it’s safe and accessible anywhere on any device, always ready for the next time you need some “you” time.