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Article • May 15, 2013

Score the Comfiest Flights Possible

Routehappy finds you the happiest flight in the sky

When we say “flight experience,” is “happy” the first word that comes to your mind? The 11th? The 1,903rd?

Routehappy is about to take a big eraser to that unsightly word cloud. While most sites think price is the only key to an enjoyable flight, Routehappy thinks a little bigger.

Routehappy is a flight planner that aggregates a constellation of factors – flight length, seat size, plane age, flyer ratings, amenities, the all-important Wi-Fi, and more – to find the flights that will make you the happiest.

Once it knows where you want to go, it gives you a list of every flight that fits the bill, ranked by “happiness score.”

And if you want a more personal touch, Routehappy identifies a “Route Expert” for each flight – someone familiar with your route who knows the difference between a flying fortress and a knee-crunching projectile and can offer tips like this secret extra-extra legroom seat on Southwest.

Now we can say the words “enjoy” and “flight” and ensure you’ll make your connection.