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Article • May 17, 2013

Move Long Distance Hassle-Free

Moveline gets you the cheapest movers, and fast

You finally landed your dream apartment. It’s a 5-floor walkup, and your bowling ball collection, 500-volume library, and solid marble “Thinker” replica will look perfect in it.

If only you didn’t have to actually move.

With Moveline, you practically don’t. The online moving service has devised an ingenious way to make what is typically a hassle-full experience blissfully hassle-free.

Hassle #1: Taking stock of your stuff. With Moveline, simply take a video with your smartphone or fire up a video chat and show your Move Captain your pad. They’ll create the inventory list and email it to you.

Hassle #2: Comparison shopping. Moveline gets 3-5 price-locked quotes from moving companies. You pick who you want to work with and book the move online.

Hasle #3: Moving day. Your dedicated Move Captain will confirm your movers, alter plans if needed, and be the point of contact should any problems arise.

Hassle #4: Unpacking. Ok, so it’s not entirely hassle-free.