Mosey - Netted
Article • May 23, 2013


Mosey is Your Tour Guide Treasure Map

45 paces west of the big field, across the causeway, inside the dark cave, and “X” marks the spot. Ahoy, mateys! It’s Shake Shack!

Ahem. We’ll ditch the eye patch for a second to tell you about Mosey, a website that lets locals create user-made, treasure map-style day trips for anyplace on the seven seas.

Every itinerary (like this San Francisco gem from user Rachel Gant) comes with photos, maps, and contact info where applicable. Most playlists are centered on a theme, and you can filter search results by categories like shopping, scenic, and foodie.

Creating an entry is as easy as finding one – especially handy for when friends and relatives are coming to town. And since you’ll probably be out and about while using it, Mosey sports a sleek mobile site for viewing saved itineraries and searching for new ones on the go.

After all, you wouldn’t want to get lost and accidentally walk the plank.