Piki - Netted
Article • May 28, 2013


Piki Introduces You to People Who Love the Same Music You Do

New music comes at you fast – some might say too fast. Seems like by the time you hear a new band you like, some cool dude is already rolling his eyes about how passé they are.

For those about to rock, we recommend Piki, a new music player from the folks who brought you last year’s much-heralded Turntable.fm.

Put simply, Piki is Twitter for music (not to be confused with, uh, Twitter for music). You pick the music you love, Piki sets you up with users who like the same stuff, and you hear their streams. When someone plays a song you like, you “repick” it. Sound familiar?

Which is not to say Piki’s derivative – in fact, it’s all about individuality. Each user chooses their favorite songs and shows them off on their profile. If you’re a hip-hop head, own it and Piki will set you up with similar listeners.

Still not convinced Spotify, Songza, or Pandora is worth dropping? Now hear this: Piki is totally free and has no listening limits. It’s available on the web and for the iPhone now, and an Android app is said to be coming in the summer.

Piki will make those eye-rolls into head-turns in no time.