GetGoing - Netted
Article • May 30, 2013


Leave Your Options Open and GetGoing Will Save You Money on Your Next Flight

Mint chip or cookie dough. The Wire or Breaking Bad. Paris or Rome.

Sometimes passing the buck is just easier – and a heck of a lot cheaper in the case of GetGoing, an outside-the-box travel booking site that rewards you for having an open mind.

It works like this: Pick two places you’d like to go (say, San Francisco and San Diego) and choose your travel dates. GetGoing uses your flexibility to save up to 40% off the list price. The catch: While you’ll see the price of option A and option B, you won’t know your final destination until the tickets are booked.

Equally cool is the site’s FlightFinder service. Instead of searching by specific destination, simply enter where you’re departing from and what you want to do – a spa vacation or trip to Europe – and it will find the cheapest options that fit the bill.

And since the deal is the attraction here (with a bit of whimsy, of course), GetGoing’s prices are 100% guaranteed.

You might say it’s the deciding factor.