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Article • May 31, 2013

Watch All of Your Favorite Media Live with Friends

Chat about photos, videos, and music in real time with DabKick

Remember when Don Draper applied his patented hard sell to the Kodak Carousel?

These days he’d be shilling DabKick, a new site and iPhone app that lets you share photos, videos, and music with friends, live and in real time.

The app cues content from your phone, computer, YouTube account, or any website with the DabKick bookmarklet and lets you control it from your end while someone else watches on theirs.

In other words, you swipe to the next picture on your phone, they see the next picture on their phone. You pause the video, their video pauses. You get the rather cool picture.

On top of that, you can add text message-like commentary. This way you can chat with mom while you’re showing her new baby videos, or coo over turtle babies with instant reciprocation.

Also, DabKick is free. Which makes it a pretty easy sell.