Turn Your Phone Into A Video Walkie-Talkie - Netted
Article • June 3, 2013

Turn Your Phone Into A Video Walkie-Talkie

Share back and forth video messages with Glide

Back before smartphones, tablets, and Bluetooths (Blueteeth?), there was one way to endlessly entertain yourself and chat up friends: the walkie-talkie.

Here with a new spin on the old classic is Glide, an app for iPhone and Android to send and receive video messages.

Glide syncs with your contact list so you can choose who to invite. Once your pals join, you can start sending messages to with the app’s incredible simple one-button broadcasting.

Use your phone’s front-facing camera to record a short message and the app instantaneously starts sending it. Since all videos are stored in the cloud, no space is taken up on your phone, regardless of how many messages you’ve sent or received.

And unlike those walkie-talkies of yore, Glide will hold messages in your inbox and save copies of conversations, just like regular text messages.

Sometimes the old-school and the new-school dial in beautifully. Over and out.