Newsana - Netted
Article • June 10, 2013


The experts pitch the news on Newsana

Somebody recently said, “Reddit has become, simply put, mainstream media.” One glaring difference: For better or for worse, there’s no cable news channel devoted to cats.

If you’re looking for a slightly more serious (and hypoallergenic) social news site, we’d like to point you in the direction of Newsana.

The Newsana model is an ambitious attempt to curate the news. Members register themselves as experts in certain fields (film, politics, technology, etc.) then submit stories from across the web. The community then vets and votes on the stories to decide which ones are the most important.

So where the “front page” of other social news sites – we’re looking at you, Digg and Reddit – can be riddled with various un-newsworthy items, Newsana’s opening page carries only the five best pieces of the moment, as chosen by the community.

Currently anyone can read the site, but you’ll need an invite to contribute – unless, of course, you are a Netted reader, in which case you can simply email with the subject line NETTED VIP and start curating the news right away.