Everything.me - Netted
Article • June 12, 2013


Everything.me Loads Search-Based Relevant Apps

iPhone users, may we turn your attention to the Extra Netted section at the bottom of this email.

Because today we’re doing something we’ve never done before: featuring an Android-only app.

In order to be the first, you need to be something – and in this case, that something is Everything.me, a new launcher that can change which apps appear on your phone based on your current needs. The kicker? You don’t even have to install the apps; you can use them right from the cloud.

So let’s say you love the new Vampire Weekend album. Plug it into the search bar and Everything.me will pull up SoundCloud so you can listen, MetroLyrics so you can sing along, and Ticketmaster so you can see them live – regardless of whether or not you’ve installed those apps.

And Everything.me tailors each app to your search result. Each app opens to the relevant Vampire Weekend page. Heck, even the background will be Vampire Weekend. Your phone effectively reinvents itself based on what you’re doing right now.

Basically, it’s got everything covered.