Keep Your Family Safe and Sound - Netted
Article • June 13, 2013

Keep Your Family Safe and Sound

Keep track of your family members' locations with Life360

“Did you forget to call your mom?

“Where’s your brother?”

“When’s Dad getting home?”

Only one app holds the answers to all these questions: Life360, a free app for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry that uses your phone’s GPS to help families stay in sync throughout the day.

Basic features – like group text messages and a map of your family members’ current locations – are just the tip of the iceberg. Life360 can send you automatic notifications when your kids arrive at school or your wife leaves work. It can also launch turn-by-turn directions to someone’s location with the press of a button.

To be filed under Better Safe than Sorry, the app has a map layer displaying police activity, listed sex offenders, and important locations like hospitals and police stations. And while you’ll hopefully never need it, there’s a one-button panic alert to email, call, and text the entire family in case of an emergency.

No harm in being prepared.