DailyWorth - Netted
Article • June 14, 2013


Win Money-Saving Tech From DailyWorth

Picture this: it’s 100 degrees outside, but you’re kept cool by a learning thermostat. You’re catching up on your favorite shows on your smart TV, powered by WiFi streaming from a hotspot the size of a cookie.

This is your life if you win a digital makeover.

We’re teaming up with DailyWorth, an essential destination for folks who want to get in control of their finances and achieve their dreams. Together, we’ve carefully assembled a lode of innovative, must-have products that we’re giving away to one lucky reader.

And since there’s no better way to save money than to get free stuff, check out everything you could win when you enter: the Nest learning thermostat, a Roku smart TV box, or the mobile WiFi hotspot Karma (a Netted favorite), and so much more.

A digital makeover like this would run you a pretty penny, but you could get it all for free if you enter now. See? You’re already saving.