Lift - Netted
Article • June 24, 2013


Lift Develops the Best Habits to Achieve Your Goals

You want to rule the beach this summer, so you need a beach bod. But to get abs so firm you can grate cheese on them, you’ll have to start going to the gym, which is where the whole system breaks down.

If you rolled a personal trainer, motivational speaker, and a life coach all into one, you’d get Lift, a new website and iPhone app from one of the cofounders of Twitter that’ll help you develop the habits you need to become the (ripped) person you want to be.

At its core, Lift believes positive, incremental enforcement is the way to help its users achieve their goals: users identify goals and check in every time they’re done.

But where a regular app might wire up tinny automated goal congratulations, Lift bands its users together into communities by habit. That way, when you decide you need to exercise more, you do so in front of a mass of likeminded strivers.

It’ll have you turning heads in no time. Just don’t forget the tanning oil.