Cupcloud - Netted
Article • June 25, 2013


Save Your Workflow and Resume It Anytime with Cupcloud

We’ll cut to the quick on this one.

If you feel that picking up where you left off can be like picking up after a mess, get Cupcloud, a program that saves your whole work environment with one click.

Cupcloud is a free service for Apple and Windows that saves your workflow and can replicate it anywhere, anytime – even on another computer.

Here’s how it works: When you leave a project you want to resume later, simply open Cupcloud and save – or “cup” – what you’re doing. When you come back, hit “uncup” and the program will reopen every document, file, browser window and tab you were using.

And you can save as many cups as you want (for now – soon they’ll switch to 30 cups at a time), which means you can have a cup for work, a cup for watching sports, a cup for making music – the list goes on.

We had a feeling this would be your cup of tea.