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Article • June 27, 2013

Put an End to Boring Workouts

Quadfit designs your personal exercise regimen

Working out can be overwhelming. You’ve got to work your bi’s, your tri’s, your quads, your quints – the list goes on.

Okay, we made that last one up (shows how much we know), so we’ll end with quads – specifically Quadfit, a new personal training site that tailor-makes a workout regimen and schedule based on your busy life, fitness level, and goals.

Pick one of Quadfit’s three programs based on the results you want to see or what sports you play: PowerLean (cyclists, runners), PowerMass (basketball big men and football linemen), or PowerRip (soccer players, receivers).

Once you’ve identified your goals, Quadfit makes you a personalized brew of its four pillars (stretching, weight training, plyometrics, and sprinting), as well as a tight schedule that works for you.

All you have to do then is stick with it and your quints will be looking great in no time.