Help Your Future Self Reminisce - Netted
Article • June 28, 2013

Help Your Future Self Reminisce

ThrowBack lets you send photos to your future self

If you could give your future self a message right now, what would it be?

How about a snapshot of this very moment? You can do just that with ThrowBack, a time capsule app available for iPhone now.

Simply open the app and snap a photo. Instead of saving it to your device, ThrowBack will email it to you at some point in the future.

You can schedule delivery for a specific day or a vague range between one month and five years into the future. You can also opt to be surprised and let the app send it to you at random (our recommendation).

Not only this, but you can also include other people on your ThrowBacks. Say, a graduation photo to your classmates or family portrait to your mom.

One word of warning: Use caution when including people you’re dating.

Predicting the future is a lot harder than reliving the past.