We Think Alone - Netted
Article • July 3, 2013

We Think Alone

Have Boring Emails from Famous People Forwarded to Your Inbox

Your boring email? Boring.

Everyone else’s boring email? Oddly thrilling.

That’s the idea behind multimedia artist Miranda July’s new project “We Think Alone”.

Add your email address to the list and every Monday from now to November 11, July will send you a selection of 10 private emails from the inboxes of not-so-boring individuals like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Kirsten Dunst.

Each week’s collection is organized around a single topic. Week one’s theme of money ranged from the prosaic (Dunst selling her car for the reasonable price of $7,000) to the strange (Lena Dunham turning down a couch for three times as much).

It all adds up to an engrossing collage carefully selected to shed light both on the author and the powerful zone of email privacy.

And it maintains July’s characteristically quirky observational approach. We’d expect nothing less from the woman who once used classifieds as interview intros.