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Article • July 9, 2013

Jazz Up Your Cooking Game

Take liberties with recipes on Fork the Cookbook

This recipe calls for a “pinch,” but that recipe calls for a “dash”. And a third recipe, goodness help it, calls for a “smidgen.”

In cooking, originality often makes the difference between the hum-drum and the amazing. And with Fork the Cookbook, you can infuse originality into every recipe you find.

But first, here’s a quick programming lesson. In the world of software development, to “fork” something means to take a copy of source code and make a brand-new program with it. We hope that doesn’t dampen your stomach grumble.

Hence, “forking” a cookbook means just what you’d think: Take any recipe you like on the site, pick the parts you love, and branch off to make something new and delicious. And with options like Texas Pulled Pork and Ricotta Hotcakes, there’s a lot to like.

To hear them describe it, they’re like if Github, Tumblr, and Readability had a baby together who was raised by Julia Child.

But you can just think of them as a recipe in a pinch.