Never Sit In for Another Night Again - Netted
Article • July 10, 2013

Never Sit In for Another Night Again

WeOtta makes fun plans and gets smarter as you use it

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had the following conversation:

“Where do you want to eat?”
“I don’t know, you choose.”
[Cut to couple sitting at same old restaurant they always go to]

And scene. Finding fun stuff to do with your significant other is often a matter of good suggestions – and with WeOtta, you’ll never be short of those.

WeOtta starts the sentence so many struggle with. It figures out where you are and feeds you suggestions about restaurants, events, and amusements. It gets smarter over time: Every suggestion you okay hones WeOtta’s pitches to your tastes.

And WeOtta isn’t just for indecisive dining couples. It’ll help you find something to do based on when, where, and what you’re planning, from a girls/guys night out or a date to a meeting or a day out with the kids.

And don’t worry – it never says, “I don’t care, you can decide.”