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Article • July 12, 2013

Find the Coolest Stuff to Buy

Tophatter brings the auction right to your phone

Auctions can be as fun as they are overwhelming. You’ve got a chance of landing something really cool – if you can keep up with the auctioneer, that is.

But on Tophatter, a new auction shopping site and iPhone app, cool stuff is just a couple of clicks away, and moving at your pace, too.

Tophatter is modeled off of real live auctions, rather than bidding sites like eBay. It even places a Terrance-and-Phillip-looking version of you in a “room” with the people you’re bidding against, and propositions go up in real time.

And while Tophatter is loaded with cool features – we particularly like that you get $5 for every friend you recruit – the best part is the community, which brings all kinds of beautiful homemade wares bidders vie for.

We think you’ll enjoy it – if you can keep pace, that is.