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Article • July 22, 2013

Get Rewarded For Working Out

GymPact puts your money where your running shoes are

Here’s an unexpected page on Popular New Year’s Resolutions.

Right there between “Get a Better Job” and “Manage Debt” are two equally daunting challenges: “Get Fit” and “Lose Weight.”

Here with a digital dose of motivation is GymPact, an app for iPhone and Android that puts your money where your running shoes are.

Every week, GymPact users declare how many days they’ll be working out. Then they pledge a dollar amount they’ll give up if they miss their goals. And if they hit their marks, they get a piece of the cash forfeited by their lazier peers.

GymPact also tracks your workouts by syncing with RunKeeper. For iPhone users, check out GymPact Anywhere, which uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to track your progress.

New users can test drive GymPact without putting any dough on the line.

But if you ante up, the app might even help manage your debt.